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Breast Cancer Treatment

The incidence of breast cancer in Australia has increased over recent years and now affects about 1 in 9 Australian women. This is due to an increasing prevalence and better diagnosis. A diagnosis of breast cancer can be stressful for both patients and family. Breast cancer is a very heterogeneous disease with various different types, stage and therefore treatment options. It is important that all treatment options are discussed so that the best treatment is provided. The same cancer can have different treatments for different patients. Breast cancer is best managed by a group of experts (multidisciplinary team) comprising of a specialist breast surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, breast care nurse, radiologist and allied health specialists. Most patients with a new diagnosis of breast cancer will initially be referred to a breast surgeon and undergo surgery followed by other treatments. There is a group of patients (about 10-20%) who are best to undergo neoadjuvant therapy (chemotherapy or targeted therapy) for several months before surgery, such as those with HER2 positive or triple negative cancers.

Choosing the Best Breast Cancer Surgeon for you

In a major city such as Sydney, we are very fortunate to have many excellent breast surgeons and cancer centres that provide world class breast cancer treatment. In choosing the best breast cancer surgeon to care for you there are several factors to consider:

  • Well trained breast surgeon- who is a member of BreastSurgANZ, has done further post FRACS fellowship subspecialty training in advanced breast surgery and capable of providing comprehensive surgical options such as oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery, active clinical researcher who is most up to date with the current rapid advancements in breast cancer treatment. A/Prof Nicholas Ngui is a highly skilled and trained breast surgeon capable of providing comprehensive treatment options. As a Clinical Associate Professor, he is an active clinical researcher most up to date with all aspects of breast cancer treatment. He is highly regarded by his expert peers and a mentor for many junior breast surgeons, and with over 10 years of practice as a specialist breast surgeon he is one of the best breast cancer surgeons in Sydney.

  • Cancer centre and treatment by a multidisciplinary team who are close to where you live. Studies show better cancer outcomes if treated by a specialist multidisciplinary team/cancer centre. Treatment for breast cancer will require frequent visits to hospital for treatment such as surgery and follow up, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. You are also more likely to be offered participation in clinical trials which provide best care and improve future treatments. A/Prof Nicholas Ngui provides treatment at the Sydney Adventist Hospital which is a major leading cancer centre, and Blacktown cancer centre where he is the clinical chair of the breast cancer unit.







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